What Happens To My Co-Signed Debts After Bankruptcy?

This is one area that scares many consumers because they do not want to file bankruptcy if it would hurt those who helped them. Other times we encounter situations where the co-signer is being sued. Both situations can be addressed through bankruptcy.

Protecting Co-Signers Under Chapter 13

Fortunately you can prevent a lender from suing or collecting a consumer debt from the co-signers while you satisfy the obligation. A creditor may not commence or continue any lawsuits or collect any part of a consumer debt from someone who is jointly liable on such debt, even a spouse. At the same time, the monthly payment can frequently be lowered to a manageable amount.

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Ridding Oneself Of Co-Signed Debts Under Chapter 7

As a general rule of thumb, you should never co-sign a debt you cannot pay back and that you do not follow to ensure that it is being paid. Most people know this rule, but find it is difficult to turn down a loved one in need.

You may find yourself in the unfortunate situation of having to pay the debts of the one you tried to help, and find yourself at risk of losing your own car and home with this added burden. Chapter 7 should be considered to relieve you of these co-signed debts and preserve your ability to maintain payments for your necessities.

One last bit of advice is to have your loved one protect you by paying the debt through a Chapter 13 plan so as not to bring you down financially. Why take the chance if your loved ones have other options to protect you?

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