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Bankruptcy is one of the most commonly misunderstood, yet powerful tools available to consumers. Stigmas and misconceptions surround it, often standing in the way of individuals who need it most.

At The Law Offices of Philip F. Counce, we are committed to providing individuals who are struggling with debt the information they need to understand bankruptcy and how it can help them escape the financial struggles they are faced with. Our lawyers provide free initial consultations to discuss your situation and help you clearly see the advantages you can gain through bankruptcy. Below are some frequently asked questions regarding bankruptcy and how it affects people just like you.

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If I File For Bankruptcy, Won’t My Credit Be Destroyed?

One common myth about bankruptcy is that it will wreck your credit forever. The opposite is actually true. Bankruptcy can actually act as the tool you need to begin repairing your credit. Many lenders will immediately extend credit to those who have recently filed, seeing them as low risk because they cannot discharge debt again for several years. You can use this credit wisely, paying it back in a timely manner to build your credit score. Also, many people are able to buy a new home within a few years.

Most Of My Debt Is Back Taxes. Am I Out Of Luck?

While in many cases taxes are not dischargeable through the bankruptcy process, it is a myth that it cannot be done at all. In fact, there are specific situations when handled by a skilled bankruptcy attorney when individual taxes can be discharged. Let our lawyers work with you in determining whether your taxes could be discharged through bankruptcy.

I Filed Once Before, So Doesn’t That Mean I Can’t Do It Again?

There is no limit to the number of bankruptcies you can file. In some cases, it makes sense to strategically file multiple bankruptcies. While there is a time limit in place that may not allow you to fully discharge debt, you can technically file as soon after a previous bankruptcy as you wish. If it benefits your specific situation, we can help you do this strategically in a manner that best suits your financial situation and circumstances.

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