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Evictions: An Overview

Being behind on your finances can lead to a tremendous amount of stress. The Law Offices of Philip F. Counce can provide you with solutions. We have worked with clients throughout Tennessee who need to understand the choices they are facing. If you are at risk of losing your home, we can help. Our goal is to help you get back on your feet.

What You Need To Know About The Process

Our goal is to stop an eviction suit from ever happening. In some cases, you will be forced to leave within 10 days. However, Chapter 13 bankruptcy will prevent an eviction even if the eviction suit has already been filed. That being said, it needs to be filed before a judgment is completed. After we file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, an automatic stay is put into place. This prevents the suit from continuing to judgment and allows a tenant to stay in the property. It gives you time to catch up on the arrears while paying the ongoing rent.

The entire eviction process can move quickly, which is why it is important to hire an attorney as soon as possible. We can provide you with an honest assessment and discuss all of the potential options. Our attorneys work quickly to effectively represent you and your best interests. You will never be left on your own. We will act as your strongest advocate from beginning to end.

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