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How Is The Bankruptcy Process Structured In Tennessee?

The process of bankruptcy is usually unknown to people faced with this decision and often seems overwhelming. At the Memphis bankruptcy firm, The Law Offices of Philip F. Counce, our attorneys will personally walk you through each step of the process, ensuring that your interests are protected at each turn.

Don’t take on your creditors alone!

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We take the time to understand your needs and answer all of your questions. While we want to solve your problem quickly, it’s important that you are comfortable with the process, and understand how it will impact you. These thoughtful conversations enable us to ensure the best possible outcomes.

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Figure Out What Type Of Bankruptcy You Need

The first step in bankruptcy is choosing an attorney (see How To Choose A Bankruptcy Attorney for some free information). It is important that you have an experienced bankruptcy firm that can provide the personalized attention you need to ensure that the case is being moved steadily along and in a manner that reflects your needs and wishes.

We provide free initial consultations to discuss your situation at no cost. If you decide to file, our attorneys and staff will help you collect the necessary records and documentation needed to file.

The Tennessee bankruptcy process is slightly different if you choose to file jointly with a spouse rather than individually. Our attorneys will take the time to understand your situation and all dynamics involved, providing answers and information that will equip you to make this decision.

Don’t Delay — Let Memphis Bankruptcy Lawyer Philip F. Counce Guide You Through The Process

Many people work hard to avoid going into bankruptcy, dipping into savings, retirement accounts and selling assets, while much of this could actually have been saved as an exemption in bankruptcy. They continue to go farther and farther into debt. Far too many people wait until a possible foreclosure is about to occur to pick up the phone and call a bankruptcy lawyer.

It is critical that you do not delay in contacting an attorney. By scheduling a free lawyer consultation with our firm, we can help you see your situation clearly, providing you with the information, answers and all options available to you so that you can make prudent decisions for your future. We can help you save as many assets and savings as possible, putting you in a far better financial position following the bankruptcy than if you had waited.

Foreclosures And How Bankruptcy Affects The Home

If your home is in danger of being foreclosed upon, you need to speak with us. The closer you get to the foreclosure, the fewer your options and the greater the likelihood that the foreclosure will be carried out.

If we are involved soon enough, we can act immediately to halt the possible foreclosure and turn the situation around. Most people can actually save their home if they act soon enough. Do not wait until the last minute, cutting down on your options.

By contacting an attorney immediately, you can also avoid car repossessions, stop embarrassing creditor harassment, and halt wage garnishments.

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Unlike many firms you will always discuss your financial situation with an attorney, not a paralegal or assistant.

We are a Title 11 Debt Relief Agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code. This ad does not create an attorney-client relationship until a written agreement is signed.