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Using Chapter 13 Bankruptcy To Stop Auto Repossessions

If you are like most people, your vehicle is an absolute necessity. If it is repossessed, getting to work every day becomes a huge headache, putting your job in jeopardy.

The Law Offices of Philip F. Counce can avoid repossessions, foreclosures and garnishments through a bankruptcy filing. We can help you keep your car or truck and frequently reduce your monthly note, the interest rate and bankrupt part of what you owe by filing chapter 13 bankruptcy. You can keep the possessions you need and get your financial life back on track.

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Filing for Bankruptcy Stops Repossession Automatically

The bankruptcy laws offer protection to people who have run into trouble covering their monthly bills. If you are behind on your vehicle, mortgage, or credit card payments, a bankruptcy filing can stop the threat of repossession and foreclosure, and help you get the financial breathing room you need to start moving forward again.

Attorney Philip Counce has been helping people like you for over 30 years. In a meeting lasting between 30 and 60 minutes, he can evaluate your situation and recommend potential solutions for you. By filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy, the threat of repossession and foreclosure stops immediately, as do creditor phone calls and harassment.

Don't Wait Too Long

Don't wait too long before talking with us. If your vehicle has been repossessed, your lender can resell it and your car, truck or boat will be gone forever. You must file for bankruptcy relief before the vehicle is sold.

If we act in time, we can get your property back. The sooner we can start working, the sooner you may be able to get back on track.

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